"QPLIX - the crystal ball in wealth management"

GKK PARTNERS Asset Intelligence can look into the future with QPLIX. The platform acts as a strategic tool for future planning.

Rainer Kröll and Christian Berger are - by their own estimation – custom tailors. Their company, GKK PARTNERS Asset Intelligence, supports discerning owners and family offices in the areas of asset management, controlling and reporting, with an uncompromising focus on quality. The promise: to make the complexity and dynamics of capital investment manageable by maximising transparency and control. The technological basis for this is QPLIX - according to GKK PARTNERS Asset Intelligence, the leading software platform for the management of complex assets. The combination of high-tech and human expertise enables innovative solutions and empowers asset owners to go beyond traditional, backward-looking asset controlling and reporting. Sophisticated modelling enables QPLIX to forecast the future development of complex assets. A decisive competitive advantage, for example in liquidity forecasting  


Rainer Kröll ist  Gründungspartner von GKK PARTNERS.                  Christian Berger ist Partner bei GKK PARTNERS.

Rainer Kröll is Managing Director at GKK AI.                                                     Christian Berger is

QPLIX: "Mr. Kröll, Mr. Berger, who are your clients and what requirements do they come to you with?"

Rainer Kröll: "Our clients are traditional wealthy families who, in addition to liquid assets, are also invested in illiquid assets, i.e. specifically in venture capital and property. They usually pursue an entrepreneurial approach, i.e. they place less value on standard reporting of actual asset values or historical data. Instead, they want technology that enables them to implement their business models in the future. They also expect us, as auditors and tax advisors, to look at current asset accounting from a tax perspective and prepare the accounting for export to their personal tax advisor. Most of them tell us that they consciously choose GKK PARTNERS Asset Intelligence in order to benefit from our innovative solutions and tax expertise. And, to be clear in this regard: We are never the cheapest provider on the market. Nevertheless, they stay with us because we are constantly investing in innovation with the clear aim of being at the cutting edge and actively driving our industry forward with new developments and ensuring the highest quality. GKK PARTNERS Asset Intelligence is, if you like, the custom tailor in the market - not the ready-made tailor."


QPLIX: "What role does QPLIX play in this?"

Christian Berger: "QPLIX is the wealth management platform with what we consider to be the most comprehensive technical possibilities. We started wealth controlling around two years ago and carefully selected our technology partner for this. QPLIX offers us the widest range of options for offering our clients forward-looking wealth controlling on the one hand and ensuring that the data can be processed by our clients' personal tax advisors on the other. To stay in the picture: If you want to become the leading custom tailor, you can only achieve this with the best materials."

QPLIX: "QPLIX as a fabric supplier?"

Rainer Kröll: "Admittedly, the picture is a bit skewed. How did the decision to enter into this partnership come about? In short: The GKK Group comes from the tax sector, so we decided in favour of QPLIX because it was the leading solution for the tax aspects of wealth management at the time. We tested many solutions and, in the end, decided solely on what each tool could achieve. For the test, we used the most difficult customer cases with the most complex requirements in terms of ownership structures, asset classes and special tax cases. Only QPLIX solved them all. It is therefore fairer to say that QPLIX and GKK are jointly developing the platform in the high-end area. This partnership certainly goes beyond a mere supplier relationship."

QPLIX. "What is a concrete example of this innovation partnership?"

Rainer Kröll: "Good entrepreneurs - and wealth managers must act as such - don't just look at what happened in the past, but go beyond the mere documentation of the past. As accountants, we process the past - but the real intelligence lies in being able to make qualified decisions for the future. This is the 'AI' in controlling - and the inspiration for our company name. Traditional reporting, which we of course also offer, only looks as far back as the present. This is no longer enough in wealth management. Entrepreneurs have to make decisions today that will have an impact far into the future. And in times of volatile markets, the future is more unpredictable than ever before."  

QPLIX. "How does technology help with this?"

Christian Berger: "Among other things, it helps with modelling future liquidity developments. Today, these are often still created manually on the basis of Excel spreadsheets. QPLIX technology now enables us to simulate liquidity planning with IT support, which dynamically adapts to the actual figures. Customisable J-Curves help us here, for example in the area of venture capital or private equity. With these, the asset manager can model various scenarios and immediately see the respective effects on their cash situation. This is an absolute advantage within this asset class, particularly due to the current market situation and the shift in cash flows. We have also developed a planning calculation for real estate with QPLIX. The intelligence in controlling therefore lies in using software-supported modelling to look into the future as quickly and flexibly as possible."

QPLIX: "Your company name includes this intelligence as 'Asset Intelligence', but to be honest: the abbreviation already includes the topic of 'Artificial Intelligence', doesn't it?"

Rainer Kröll: "At the moment, this is still essentially manual work. But it's clear that what we are currently still simulating and modelling manually is on the verge of the next evolutionary stage: automating manual simulations with the help of AI."


QPLIX: "What role does QPLIX play in this?"

Rainer Kröll: "Asset reporting and controlling will be very strongly supported by AI in the future, there's no question about that. We chose QPLIX as our technology partner because it is the professional tool that has always been at the forefront of technology and, in our view, also has the power to pick up on current developments in the best possible way and implement them in specific solutions. In the first step, we don't care where innovation comes from in the future. Being an innovation leader is not a matter of luck - it's a question of DNA."


QPLIX: "What exactly do you see when you look into the future for your customers with QPLIX?"


Christian Berger: "To continue my previous example of J-Curves in the areas of venture capital and private equity: If an investor is involved in a large number of venture capital funds, for example, a certain amount of cash planning is required in order to keep an eye on the outstanding commitments on the one hand and, on the other hand, to align their own available liquidity with this, taking into account the return flows from these funds. With the help of the planning calculation, the investor recognises potential bottlenecks at an early stage on the basis of his J-curve assumptions and thus has the opportunity to take countermeasures. Our simulation horizon here extends over seven to eight years. QPLIX can simulate changing assumptions extremely quickly and therefore offers real added-value. This speed and flexibility of modelling are clear advantages in the competition between asset controllers. Of course, the asset managers still make the decisions - but with QPLIX they can simulate with high-tech the view into the crystal ball."

The interview was conducted by Sebastian Deck.

„We use QPLIX in particular to give our clients a glimpse into the future. Our customers are not just looking for a reporting tool, but a technology that enables them to implement their business models. This means: no retrospective confirmation of data, but a strategic tool for future planning.“
Rainer Kröll, founding partner GKK PARTNERS

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