Direct line: QPLIX is part of the SWIFT network

QPLIX has been registered under the Business Identifier Code QPLIDEMM in the SWIFT network. Through this direct link data on positions and transactions at various commercial and custodian banks are automatically transferred to the QPLIX system. 

Banks, stock exchanges, securities depositories, and other financial institutions exchange messages via the secure network of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. 

“By using our SWIFT code for simple identification instead of complex authorization processes, we save time and our customers save costs. The transmission in bank format via the network directly into QPLIX speeds up the data flow immensely and offers our customers more direct access to their transaction and position data,” says Philipp Besser, the project manager responsible for the connection at QPLIX.

“This is a milestone for us. There are rightly high barriers to entry and membership in the SWIFT network is not a given for a fintech,” said Kai Linde, co-founder and CEO of QPLIX.

Beyond communication via SWIFT messages, QPLIX also has other ways of securely exchanging data with financial institutions, including numerous dedicated software interfaces (APIs). All investment data flows into QPLIX’s high-performance database, where it is consolidated and available for aggregate analysis, controlling, and reporting.