Roadmap to Wealthtech Leadership - QPLIX Innovation update Sep 2023

The continuous development of our products and services makes QPLIX the leading provider of wealth management software. In close exchange with our customers, we are constantly working on new functions and interfaces as well as improvements to user interfaces and data management.  

We would like to keep you updated on the current roadmap. What new features are already available and what are we currently working on?    

  Our product roadmap is structured into three stories:   

  •   One platform for your whole day  
  •   Be with your clients at all times 
  •   An answer to every question based on excellent data  

One platform for your whole day   

Our goal is to enable you to perform as many tasks as possible seamlessly in QPLIX and to spend most of your working day on the same platform - without having to switch back and forth between different systems. This greatly improves efficiency, overview, and collaboration. It is also a prerequisite for integrated, automated workflows.   

Have you already discovered the new Order Management function? It allows you to create, transmit, and check securities, trading orders, and rebalancing activities directly from QPLIX. Transactions are automatically documented and booked, and all data is immediately available for reporting. This function is already available for Deutsche Bank, DAB and V-Bank. Order interfaces to other custodians are in the pipeline. In QPLIX you can now also make seamless deposits and withdrawals. An integrated transfer function is already in the works.    

In addition, you will soon be able to chat with your clients directly from your QPLIX system and share reports, graphs, and tables to discuss results or go through investment strategies.   

This means that more tasks, for which you previously needed four to five individual systems, are now performed in QPLIX as an overarching wealth management platform.  

Be with your clients at all times 

QPLIX provides both an overview of the entire portfolio and detailed insights into individual assets, regardless of location, time, or device. Impress with a superior digital customer experience - with our new Wealth App for iOS and Android smartphones. Your mobile presence shows your clients that you are always there for them. Soon you will even be able to offer your clients the Wealth App in your own corporate design.   

Many of you will have already met "Amanda". This is our internal name for the new QPLIX user interface - a fresh, modern design for a better overview and more intuitive handling. Amanda is gradually conquering the whole of QPLIX. Next, the document management will receive a corresponding design update.      

Answer every question based on excellent data   

Success in wealth management depends on reliable data. QPLIX consolidates all data across all asset classes, so you always have an overview of your total assets, no matter how complex they are structured. The market data offering is complemented by new financial intelligence boosts - access to valuable additional information such as fund look-throughs or sustainability scores) from renowned partners such as ISS, iBoxx, and Moody's.  Our new cockpit and soon-to-be-available data reconciliation functionality will help you improve data quality even further. And with a new user interface for our analytics and new tools, you can answer your clients' questions at any time. For example, on exposure: "Where in the world am I invested and to what extent, and does this result in cluster risks? " A graphical representation gives you the answer at a glance. 

There's a lot more going on at QPLIX. For example, we have started some initiatives around generative AI - stay tuned!