Withholding Tax Recovery - QPLIX partners with Wtax

WTax, the leading withholding tax (WHT) recovery specialist that provides wholly outsourced WHT recovery solutions, has partnered with QPLIX, a leading provider of wealth management software that digitises the management of complex financial assets and supports wealth reporting processes.

This partnership is instrumental in providing QPLIX’s client base of family offices, private banks, wealth managers, institutional investors, and investment funds with unmatched WHT recovery services, ensuring that interest and dividend income received on foreign securities is maximised.

Through its work with 5,000+ investors across various structures, WTax consistently identifies a lack of awareness about the opportunity of reclaiming foreign WHT. Inherent difficulties with the recovery process and the absence of sophisticated WHT reporting can often exacerbate this issue, and as a result, investors are foregoing the opportunity to boost investment returns.

Excitingly, via our partnership, WTax will provide QPLIX’s clients with an in-depth analysis of their WHT position powered by QPLIX data. These co-produced reports will clearly highlight the amount of WHT that is available for recovery.

WTax’s business model ensures that investors are alleviated of the administrative burden required to file claims. WTax’s success-based fee model guarantees that there are no upfront costs and investors always remain in a net-gain position.

“Withholding tax recovery is a pertinent topic for most of our clients who invest globally. With the new partnership, they will be able to access WTax’s service directly from the QPLIX wealth management software. We are happy to offer them an easy way to outsource the administrative burden of withholding tax recovery to a renowned specialist”, said Philipp Besser, Business Development Manager at QPLIX

“We are thrilled to extend our services to QPLIX’s clients. By applying a data-driven approach, we will be offering their clients unparalleled insight into their existing WHT position and the optimal mix of reclaim methodologies required to maximise investment performance. We are excited to work alongside QPLIX to ensure that the demand for improved WHT recovery services is addressed and that no investor remains unaware of their WHT leakage.” Sarah Osato, Head of Strategic Partnerships at WTax.