On-Demand Webinar: QPLIX & KONTORA - Partnership for excellence

Learn more about modern digital asset management in the QPLIX & Kontora on-demand webinar "Managing complex portfolios digitally" (in German only).

QPLIX and multi-family office Kontora are redefining the future of wealth management through the powerful combination of software and expertise. In this webinar, Kai Linde (Co-CEO QPLIX), Florian Hoffmann (COO Kontora) and Phil Petersen (Asset Controller Kontora) will provide insights into the technological possibilities of the wealth management platform QPLIX. Gain practical insights and learn how one of Germany's largest family offices uses QPLIX to offer its clients efficient and transparent portfolio management services.


  • Comprehensive transparency: Holistic view of complex portfolios across liquid and illiquid asset classes ("Single source of truth")
  • From asset management to tax accounting & reporting: all your reporting requirements from a single platform
  • Modern communication with your clients: Keep your clients up to date in real time via portal and app
  • "Make or buy": What is the best solution for which client? Full service outsourcing or in-house software implementation of the platform?