Wealth tech provider QPLIX offers orders via FIXhub.net

Using the QPLIX wealth management platform, wealth and asset managers can also send orders directly to their respective trading partners via FIXhub.net and the PATRONAS TradeDirector system. FIXhub.net hosts and manages a neutral electronic network that enables buy-side and sell-side institutions to exchange messages based on the FIX protocol and other messaging standards. 

V-Bank AG is now even more closely linked to the QPLIX platform via the additional FIXhub.net communication channel, making securities trading even easier and faster for both QPLIX and V-Bank customers. In professional asset management, the time saved quickly leads to a significant increase in operational performance and gives asset managers more time for the strategic aspects of their work. FIXhub.net's customers include investment managers, banks, custodian banks and execution and clearing brokers. 

"Many of our customers use direct electronic connections based on the FIX standard for their electronic orders. The connection via FIXhub.net is an interesting additional option for electronic orders, and we are pleased that V-Bank is now offering this to many asset managers, family offices, foundations, and institutional investors."

- Kai Linde, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of QPLIX

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"This electronic connection of the leading wealth management software to V-Bank's systems is an example of what modern wealth management can look like today."

- Carsten Osswald, Managing Director FIXhub GmbH

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"The collaboration between leading financial companies is leading to innovative solutions that offer real added value for all parties involved - first and foremost for customers," adds Osswald. Linde adds: "The aim of Open Wealth is to put the customer and their respective challenges at the centre and to bring together the most suitable providers for each individual use case. The connection via FIXhub.net is an interesting further option for translating this vision into very specific practical use cases and user experiences."

The electronic transmission of securities transactions by end users such as wealth managers or family offices from the QPLIX platform is possible either via direct interfaces or via FIXhub.net. The provider of multi-protocol order routing technology operates an electronic network for forwarding securities orders based on the FIX (Financial Information Exchange) protocol. FIX is a communication protocol and open standard based on which the IT systems of banks, brokers, securities trading centres and fintech providers can exchange data in a standardised format. "We are proud to be part of this development towards ecosystems in the wealth management sector and look forward to further exciting collaborations and success stories," adds Osswald.


Leading single and multi-family offices, foundations, investment funds, asset managers, institutional investors and private banks from across EMEA optimise operational portfolio management with QPLIX. Automated processes based on reliable and up-to-date data increase efficiency. Meanwhile, fast and transparent communication and digital customer services improve quality. The QPLIX platform holistically maps the entire range of liquid and illiquid asset classes as well as diverse client structures and consolidates all investment data in a high-performance database. The software gives portfolio managers and asset owners secure access to reports and real-time analyses at any time via the individual client portal or app. QPLIX Software as a Service takes care of the IT infrastructure and security for maximum flexibility. QPLIX GmbH was founded in 2012 by Kai Linde, Philipp Pötzl and Mathias Lindermeir. The team consists of over 100 software and financial experts in Munich and Frankfurt.

About FIXhub.net

FIXhub.net is a product of niiio finance group AG and was founded in 2013 to define a new standard for FIX-based messaging. FIXhub.net is independent and not tied to any broker, investment bank or information service provider. FIXhub.net develops FIX and multi-protocol messaging technology and operates a fully managed electronic order routing network. It connects buy-side and sell-side institutions for the exchange of order and trade-related information via FIX or alternative messaging standards. FIXhub.net's customers include investment managers, banks, execution and clearing brokers. FIXhub.net supports FIX-based message exchange in all relevant asset classes: Foreign exchange, money market, fixed income, equities, funds, commodities, ETFs, energy and derivatives (over-the-counter and exchange-traded).

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