In this on-demand webinar by QPLIX, IVA & CAPITAL "Trendmonitor Vermögensverwaltung: Wie Vermögensverwalter in den letzten fünf Jahren investiert haben" (in German), experts Nadine Oberhuber, Andreas Ritter and Sebastian Deck discuss how the trends and crises since 2018 have affected portfolio management.

About this On-demand webinar

How do Germans invest? The Institut für Vermögensaufbau (IVA) and the wealth management software provider QPLIX investigated this question and published for the first time the Trendmonitor Vermögensverwaltung (TMVV), a spin-off of the CAPITAL studies "Top Asset Managers" 2019 to 2023. With more than 54,000 real client portfolios analysed, the TMVV study is the largest and most in-depth analysis of its kind in the German-speaking world. It is based on anonymised and aggregated data from more than 100 independent asset managers. The authors of the study use this data to present special analyses on current topics and the question of how independent asset managers have reacted professionally to topics such as the Ukraine crisis (energy, armaments), the coronavirus pandemic (pharmaceuticals, home office) and trending topics such as ESG and cryptocurrencies. Further questions discussed are: What were the 20 most popular shares among Germans? And: How do smaller portfolios differ structurally from larger ones? View this on-demand webinar to learn the insights of the study.


  • Detailed insights into asset allocation 2022 (equities: sectors, currencies, regions; bonds: Currencies, maturities, credit rating classes).
  • Changes in asset allocation over the last five years (2018-2022)
  • Crises in the mirror of investments: special evaluations on Corona and Ukraine
  • The portfolio as a trend barometer: Big tech, ESG and crypto
  • Top 20: The Germans' favourite stocks


  • Moderator Nadine Oberhuber (Editor "Invest", CAPITAL Magazine)
  • Authors Andreas Ritter (Executive Board, Institut für Vermögensaufbau (IVA) and Sebastian Deck (Director Marketing, QPLIX)