Are OKRs worth it?

Leading companies worldwide and also more and more SMEs have discovered this modern goal-setting method for themselves. 1.5 years ago, we also decided to "hop on the OKR wave" and define new company Objectives and Key Results quarter by quarter. We had goals before that too…so was it worth it?

🚀What we like most about the OKRs is their results-oriented approach. We find it extremely powerful and motivating to sit down each quarter and think about what will have the greatest impact - for the business and for each individual team. This way of thinking is also supported by our company value #maximpact and speaks from our soul, so to speak.

 🎉We have also found that OKRs have a bonding effect - teams talk to each other more and make their progress (and what they are working on) transparent to everyone.

☝️ However, a particular challenge is to involve every employee in the definition of the company's OKRs in such a way that they understand the big strategic picture and are motivated by the goals to make their own contribution. Storytelling and involvement are key here and require well thought-out communication with many feedback loops. We are still working on that. After all, if you don't believe in OKRs, you won't enjoy the progress.

So far, so good - we are still learning and improving to be able to enjoy the OKR ride to the fullest. 💯