The relationship between multi-family office Kontora and QPLIX has evolved from a customer-supplier relationship to a close partnership. In this video, Kontora's Florian Hoffmann explains how they are constantly improving efficiency and transparency by digitally managing all asset classes in a single system. Kai Linde talks about how QPLIX improves its software by better understanding the needs of asset managers.

Kontora is a multi-family office with 70 employees and more than €10 billion in assets under management. Kontora was founded in 2006 and is based in Hamburg, Germany. Kontora does three main things: To monitor, control, and manage its clients' portfolios, to give strategic advice, and to provide investment reporting services to other family offices.

kontora and qplix

Florian Hoffmann, Chief Operational OfficeR at Kontora: 

"Investment managers today face three key challenges: First, understanding the investment in depth and understanding the investment as part of a portfolio. Secondly, analysing and understanding change and making the right decisions. And challenge number three: Explaining it to clients.

What we have now with QPLIX is the perfect software to really meet these challenges. We have all the information on all the different asset classes, liquid and illiquid, in near real-time, and that is very helpful and very powerful.

QPLIX helps us improve in three ways. Number one is data import. All the data and information we need to make the right decisions is imported automatically, or, in the case of illiquid investments, in a very efficient manual way.

Number two is analytics, because we take all the information and all the data and then we start to do different analyses that help us to make the right decision for the client.

And number three, which is very important in the interaction with our clients, is the portal. Clients get an overview of their whole portfolio and can take a deeper look at individual investments, both liquid and illiquid asset classes.

We see QPLIX not only as software experts but also as investment and market experts with the ability to translate requirements into functionality and back again. Every new client we bring on board brings new questions and challenges. And what is very helpful for us is working with QPLIX because they enjoy new challenges and new questions."

Kai Linde, one of the Managing Directors of QPLIX adds:

"Working with Kontora improves our software. It helps us to better understand the needs of asset managers. Our ambition is to provide the best wealth management platform and our partnership with Kontora helps us to achieve this goal. This is why the partnership between QPLIX and Kontora is so powerful and unique.

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