ESG - QPLIX brings sustainability data into asset management

Investors expect future-proof returns from sustainable investment strategies. The relevance of the ecological-social aspect is even increasing with the takeover of the millennial investor generation.

QPLIX has integrated comprehensive ESG scoring data on securities into its platform. This enables family offices, asset managers, private banks, trusts, and foundations to effortlessly serve the growing demand for information on Environmental Social Governance (ESG) factors. With ESG data on various criteria and new analytics tools, the QPLIX software allows their users to always have an overview of their asset portfolio from the ecological or social perspective and to generate sustainability investment reports at the push of a button. The new functionality also gives them the opportunity to interactively evaluate their assets according to sustainability criteria in a dashboard at any time.

The data are provided by Moody’s subsidiary V.E, one of the world’s leading providers of ESG ratings, and its partner imug | rating. In addition, data from other providers can be integrated into the QPLIX platform if required.   “With their investment decisions, capital investors play a key role in the transformation towards a more sustainable economic system. Wealth managers need the right data and tools at hand to identify, together with their clients, which investments are sustainable, and which are not. Therefore, it was a logical step for us to integrate ESG data into our platform, and automated asset management processes,” said Kai Linde, co-founder, and co-CEO of QPLIX GmbH.

Everything at a glance

In the sustainability dashboard and reports in the client’s individual design, QPLIX enables all parties involved in the decision-making process to assess the ESG ratings of the investments at a glance. Traffic light symbols show the clients and managers whether and to what extent a company whose shares they have in their portfolio complies with the ethical corporate principles and principles of the United Nations Global Compact or pursues controversial business. In addition, QPLIX visualizes complex interrelationships between financial and sustainability data, creating added value for advisors.

“With this new product, we not only provide our clients with an out-of-the-box solution to meet increased client demand and support professional decision-making on sustainability. We can also provide regulated providers with a customized offering to adapt their business to the increasing requirements of the new SFDR disclosure requirements. The advantage of our solution is that, as an open technology platform, we are not tied to one supplier of ESG data,” said Philipp Besser, who is responsible for this project at QPLIX.